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Residents / Council Tax. Council Tax - report changes; Council Tax Reduction scheme; How we spend your Council Tax; Categories. We collect and hold information about you, and those in your household, to administer and collect Council Tax, including assessment of your entitlement to benefits, discounts and/or exemptions. Main content Council Tax. The Government has changed the way Council Tax can be used to fund social care services. Search. Includes Scottish Government relief measures on business rates, temporary changes to VAT and a dedicated HMRC helpline if you need support to pay your tax bill. If your circumstances change while you're getting Council Tax Reduction (CTR) you should tell your local authority as soon as possible. Change of circumstances. Apply to your local council for Council Tax Reduction if you're on a low income or benefits - this has replaced Council Tax Benefit . Change of Circumstances 34% -5% , Overall i 2% Correspondence 131% 29% 7 ... amounting to f 509,541, for North Lanarkshire Council. Publications. Please note if you don’t tell us about a change in your circumstances we may: reduce your benefit entitlement ; stop your benefit; recover any overpayments you may be liable to repay; prosecute you; What changes should I tell you about? NORTH LANARKSHIRE COUNCIL < Subject: HOUSING AND COUNCIL TAX . What to pay . Find out more about cookies. West Dunbartonshire They have skills appropriate to the needs of employers. Visit our Covid-19 section for the latest updates to our services. Information on council tax including methods of payment, discounts and exemptions Skip to Main Content. You must tell us about all changes as they happen. Discounts, exemptions, increases, enquiries and changes. North Lanarkshire Council Budget 2020/2021 to 2022/2023. Tell us about a change. The circumstances when your Council Tax band might change, including alterations and similar properties in the area being rebanded. This will help us make sure that you're paying the right amount of Council Tax. Council Tax, benefits and housing. Please use this form to notify us of any change in your circumstances since you made your initial claim. Change of circumstances – benefits. Changes to business rates, VAT, tax and accounts during coronavirus. There are also certain changes you must report if you get Pension Credit. Just over three quarters of CTR recipients are awarded full CTR i.e. Ways to pay and problems paying. What you can do: If your circumstances have changed, you may be entitled to a Council Tax Reduction, which could reduce your bill - apply for a Council Tax Reduction here. Council tax - change of circumstances You must tell us in writing if there are any changes to your circumstances, for example: you change address; someone moves in or out; a member of the household turns 18; a student completes/leaves their course; If you don't tell us about changes you may miss out on a discount or exemption or get too much council tax reduction/second adult reduction … Pay your Council Tax. Otherwise, you may get too much CTR and have to pay some of it back. Council Tax privacy statement Why we collect information about you. Any data collected is anonymised. It's time to make a stand and say Enough is Enough. The full Council meeting was due to be webcast but it appears "technical difficulties" did not allow the meeting to be streamed online. Beware of Council Tax refund scams. Typical examples of changes in circumstances are as follows: If you change address ; If your rent changes (Housing Benefit only - but not if you are a council tenant) Web Accessibility; About the Portal; About the SAA; The Assessor. People are encouraged to participate in employment opportunities in North Lanarkshire yet also have the support they need to access jobs. Publications. You must complete the "Claim Details" section before going straight to the section relevant to the change you wish to report. A … Published 22 January 2016 Last … We will delete the details 32 days after you have started this form. We will save the details you give at the end of every page. There are some changes that everyone who gets CTR must report. To follow any changes to this service, visit the Council Service Updates page. We need to know about changes in your circumstances. Or you might get too little. To follow any changes to this service, visit the Council Service Updates page. Tell us whether you accept cookies. Council Tax … Current year collection of Council Tax at end of March was 94.1% down 0.1% as at the same point in the … North Lanarkshire Council Report Finance and Resources Committee ☐ approval ☒ noting Ref EK/PD Date 27/11/19 Payment of Local Taxation & Benefit Update From Elaine Kemp, Head of Financial Solutions 01698 302Email Telephone 408 Executive Summary This report provides an update on the payment performance for Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates and the … You and your household. Pay securely online, it’s quick and easy. Council Tax banding, water charges and appeals. You are here: Home; Council Tax; Change of circumstances; Change of circumstances - benefits; Change of circumstances - benefits … 1.4 The additional resources have been … We don't want North Lanarkshire to turn into a tip as a result of the failing policies of this council. They are supported, no matter their background, personal … Council Tax change of circumstances form. North Ayrshire Council Benefits Service PO BOX 7966 Bridgegate House Irvine Ayrshire KA12 8EG. Can you please indicate the number of cases in which North Lanarkshire Council has applied Council Tax charges against an individual retrospectively in the last 6 years? Special Waste Uplifts now cost £25 As a Resident and council tax payer you can no l Your claim might be stopped or reduced if you do not report a change of circumstances straight away. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our use of cookies. Register for Council Tax. If you receive Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support or Discretionary Housing Payments, you must tell us about any change in your circumstances as soon as possible. You need to report a change of circumstances for you and anyone else in your house. You need to tell us straight away about any change that could affect your Housing Benefit. North Tyneside Council uses cookies to make this site simpler. Chat to Customer Services. Skip to main content. There are around 490,000 recipients of CTR in Scotland. circumstances, income and savings. 2.7 3.7 4.5 3.0 9.2 North Lanarkshire 6 1 4 5 7 5 A full set of the SPI … 1.3 The funding is being made available to ensure that Local Authorities are able to respond to the anticipated increase in numbers claiming Housing BenefiVCouncil Tax Benefit or reporting changes in circumstances. You need to complete a form or tell us in writing and provide proof of the change.. You must tell us even if you have told another agency, for example the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or the Pension Service. North Lincolnshire Council. • Band D Council Tax for 2001/2002 (£) 939 Statutory Performance Indicators - summary information The council’s performance worsened by 5% or more on 11 measures, and improved by 5% or more on 17 measures Measures that worsened by… Measures that improved by… >15% 10-14% 5-9% 5-9% 10-14% >15% Scotland 5.9. Remember failure to report changes promptly may result in a large overpayment that must be paid back to us. The changes mean that councils who run social care services can charge an additional ‘precept’ on the whole charge – separate from the increase applied to general funding. North Lincolnshire Council. If your circumstances change you must inform us immediately in writing. Skip to main content. your rent changes, unless you live in a council property; If you are unsure whether we need to know about a change in circumstances please ask for advice at one of our Customer Service Centres or telephone 0345 2000 101. Normally, households with capital of over £16,000 will not be eligible for CTR. Any delay may result in you losing benefit or receiving too much Housing Benefit and having to pay it back. You can use the Rateable Value or Council Tax Band searches to find information about properties; Search for any words you enter ; A page containing all the words you search for is ranked higher than one with only some of the words; To search for a phrase put your phrase in double quotes × Menu. Changes affecting any child living with you (other than age) which might affect the amount of housing benefit or council tax benefit claimed; Changes to child tax credit or child benefit; Changes to capital which take it (or may take it) above £16,000; Changes to a non-dependant if their income and capital was being treated as the claimant’s How to pay. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Change of Circumstances . If you don't tell us about a change, and: we pay you too much benefit - you may have to pay it back; your benefit goes up - you will lose money if you do not tell us within one month; Types of changes you must advise us of: children have … The CTR scheme is governed by secondary legislation and is administered by local authorities. This is for areas with a very high or very rapidly rising level of infections, where tighter restrictions are in place. North Lanarkshire council have adopted failing waste management policies in an attempt to reduce cost, leading to increased fly tipping across our community. Empty homes; Related items. North Warwickshire in Tier 3: very high alert from 2nd December . You can use this form to tell us you have moved into the area * Please provide as much information as possible * This will help us to complete the process as quickly as possible. After a period of increasing collection rates this has stabilised at a composite level of 97.0% up until the introduction of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme (CTRS). Temporary changes to VAT accordion. Housing Benefit - change of circumstances. If my circumstances change, what do I do? If you claim Housing Benefit or Local Support for Council Tax and there has been a change in your circumstances, you will need to inform us. Council Tax, benefits and housing. Report a change of circumstances . Report a change in your circumstances > You may need to provide supporting proof at a later date. Today North Lanarkshire Council have been setting their budget for the coming year and beyond. North Lanarkshire Council Report Finance and Resources Committee ... Executive Summary This report provides an update on the payment performance for Council Tax and Non Domestic Rates and the administration of welfare benefits and Council Tax Reduction Scheme as at 31 March 2019. uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. Skip to main content . Residents ; Business; Council; My North Tyneside; Search the North Tyneside Council website. Working in North Lanarkshire We have a vibrant, diverse and growing economy with a great mix of small, medium-sized and large businesses. If you claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction, you will need to let us know about your household change, so that we can review your entitlement and make sure you are receiving the correct benefit. In this area, social care is run by North Yorkshire County Council. You may also need to provide evidence of these changes. Changes we need to know about Please tell us if any of the following changes apply to you or your household. Pay your council tax, find out how your council tax is spent, or let us know about a change in circumstances. See the full list of what you can and can’t do from the 2nd December. Keeping us informed. Home page North Tyneside Council Toggle navigation. Tell us about a change . North Lanarkshire Council Report Finance & Resources Committee ... be raised from Council Tax determines a level of collection which will be ultimately met. In April 1998, a number of staff who administered Council Tax Benefit transferred from the Finance Department and a new staffing structure, aimed at rationalising service delivery arrangements whilst, at the same time, achieving substantial cost savings, was put in place. We also use non-essential cookies to help us improve our websites. Information pages. Change of circumstances – benefits . If you are receive state benefits, you must also tell the Department for Work and Pensions. Tell us as soon as possible that your household or circumstances have changed, or you have moved house. Pay your council tax, find out how your council tax is spent, or let us know about a change in circumstances.

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