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The name, ‘Thai’ cat represents its origin and colour. There are two classifications of the breed: the Thai Lilac and the Thai Blue Point. Thai cat. Cats Loved and Lost > Siamese Rescue. Siamese and Balinese kittens available for sale. The first records of this breed is in Thailand's famous Cat Poems (Tamra Maew). Kittens … Our cats are registered with CFA and CFF and come with a health guarantee. Many consider them to be the old Siamese. The changes between the Modern Western Siamese and the new Thai cat took place, when the British brought the Thai cat to the UK with the expressed purpose of breeding a more appealing cat strictly for the purpose of showing. Korats were the first breed to be DNA screened for two forms of a genetic disease (GM1 & GM2) that kills cats before their first birthday. This breed is related to the Siamese cat, but is different. Whether you are looking for a specific breed of cat, or you are simply looking to see what cat breeders are local to your area, you can be sure to find the very best in the field within the Cat Breeders … From that time all GCCF registered Korats & Thais will have been tested, or have parents known to be clear, before they are registered. Siamese lines from USA to ensure genetic diversity. The breed has been bred for probably over 700 years. They are recognised as a breed in their own right by the GCCF and over the years these charming cats have earned themselves the reputation for being wonderful companions and family pets. Taking your Kitten Home > So, You Want to be a Breeder. FIV/FeLV/PRA/PKD tested and maximum 5% inbreeding to ensure healthy cats. Southern Traditional Siamese and Balinese is a small cattery in Louisiana that raises old-style traditional Applehead Siamese and Balinese kittens We have Siamese and Balinese kittens available for sale. Thai cats resemble the Korat, because they are their self-coloured cousins.They come in two types being the Thai Lilac and the Thai Blue Point. All UK Korat & Thai lines were tested in 1998 and found to be clear. Breeders by Area; Breeders Full Listings/Post Cards > Stud List. Selecting a Stud > Siamese Kitten List. Read More - Related Links The Khao Manee pure white breed believed to be originated over 700 years ago and known as the breed for Thailand Emperors. Our cats and kittens will give you an affectionate companion that will bring love and joy for years to come. They are a natural breed that descends from the landrace cats of Thailand, and are again closely related to the Siamese cat, but are thought to have more historical origins. Selecting your Queen History of Cat Shows > Perpetual Memorials. The controversy surrounding the Thai cat is that they are not a pure breed. Cat Facts Breeders' Membership Breeders List. This breed is a technically a very old breed, however in the west it is newly classified. Lilac point is the genetically color-diluted version of the chocolate point Thai cat. It resembles the Korat and the Siamese because they are practically the Thai’s self-coloured cousins. Introduction. The Thai cat is one of the most ancient of Thai cat breeds, but one that has only recently been classified. The point color is light grey with a pink shimmer, the body color is off-white, possibly with pale purple shading. The Thai cat’s distinguishing feature is its unique heart-shaped head. 01278671868 GCCF & Breeder Scheme registered, Old Style Siamese of the four main colours including Tabby. Maybe the first lilac point Siamese was a cat that was presented in 1896 in the UK.

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