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Contax 645 is … Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration Today we’re going to take a look at two film cameras. And, for those that may need a little extra clarity, there's the Maxwell Precision Optics Screens that you can have installed. But if you’re converting over from a top-of-the-range Nikon DSLR or other modern professional cameras, don’t expect similar performance from this 20-year-old veteran. With any of the f/2.8-f/4 lenses, downgrade that to somewhere between very good and ecxcellent. Canon Announces New EOS R5 on February 13th 2020! John is currently a contributing editor at VFXPro. This means that even if the rain comes pouring down and we need to scale a cliff face in order to get the shot, then the Contax is getting dragged along for the ride, whatever the outcome. Rather than removing the entire back from the camera each time, just flip it open, take out the exposed roll, snap in the ready-loaded fresh one, and away you go again. Battery life was always a issue, and costly. This 45-90mm Vario-Sonnar certainly does deliver the goods, and although not the lightest lens we've worked with it seems to be the perfect companion for the Contax 645. Among the alternatives, the particularly strong suit of the Contax 645 is the amazing quality of the native Zeiss 80mm f/2. It … The Contax 645 is sort of "the Porsche" among medium format film cameras. AF/MF. I talk a little more about the problems with reliability in my article on Contax 645 vs Pentax 67. One of the most important factors when selecting a wedding photographer is undoubtedly the right amount of experience. If so, this post is for you! They are more than happy to talk about options for wedding photography in Kentucky and have been labeled by reviewers as top Wedding Photographers in Louisville Ky. Louisville Wedding Photographers | Cincinnati Wedding Photographers | Lexington Wedding Photographers | Kentucky Wedding Photographers | Jeff & Michele © 2020 All Rights Reserved. The Contax 645 medium format camera coupled with the Zeiss 80mm f/2 is known for producing "the look" when it comes to images. If you'd like to read my review specifically on the lens, check out my Zeiss 80mm f/2 Review. If I were to strictly concentrate on the camera itself, this would be by far the shortest section of the review. However, while the Mamiya is a perfectly fine camera, I would go for the Hasselblad or Contax over it any day. My first medium format system was the Mamiya 645Pro along with their leaf shutter lenses. The sync speed in the Blad is nice to have up to 800. Those cameras are simple, cheap and easy to find and the glass is extremely good. After reading some of the other reviews, I was a bit reluctant to order this, but I am glad I did. Meaning that although you can pick up a body for next to nothing, you will probably need to remortgage your house in order to acquire any glass for it. you can see a review of one of my Cineluxes here.) The body when fitted with AE prism and film back feels very solid and is as beautiful to look at, as it … The Mamiya’s glass, too, is an issue. by Jeff Armstrong. Not the best camera for flash photography though - 1/60s sync speed. This is a pro camera and offers everything in a very direct and convenient manner. The most common alternatives are the Pentax 645n (or nii), the Hasselblad H1 or H2, or the Mamiya Pro 645. The backs on this camera are great: super fast and easy to load and quick to release from the body. It saw lots of use in the studio and produced some lovely images over the years. If the Contax 645 AF checks all the boxes for you as it did for me, there’s really no other camera out there quite like it. I'm very thankful my Contax came with the Contax MP-1 AA battery grip when I bought it. Firstly, let me just reiterate that this is a medium format film camera with autofocus. Thankfully, I bought my 645 body and half a dozen Zeiss lenses at a time when they were still relatively cheap: i.e. Although I’ve used literally dozens, if not hundreds, of these cameras — often ones that passed through the punishing hands of hardworking professionals on a daily basis — I’ve never seen a Contax 645 in poor condition. Taken by Contax 645 lenses and GFX50s. In this video, Kyle McDougall reviews one of the most famous medium format film cameras of all time, the Pentax 645N. Sure, the Contax produces smaller negatives than all three, but having for years exhibited ultra-large prints made from scans of these very negatives, I can honestly say that this is not a problem. The Contax 645 is an autofocus camera and unlike the Contax AX 35mm camera I wrote about, the AF on the 645 is quite good and definitely usable. However, as I was in the market for a camera that recreated the shooting experience of a 35mm SLR, only with higher resolution, I have never tried the camera with the waist-level finder. Though everyone seems to know the Zeiss 80mm f/2, there are indeed some other good lenses for your Contax 645. Meanwhile, although “bokeh” and other geeky internet obsessions are not something I’ve ever paid the slightest bit of attention to, photos produced using this camera and its lenses look fantastic. It seems like a daunting concept and a burden insurmountable. So, I've set out to write about it. These are all fair alternatives that each have their own set of pros and cons. That was the case for me. However, it turns out that there’s a catch; while H-series bodies now cost very little, they use the same lenses as the modern digital version of this camera. The Contax 645 feels great in the hand. On top of which, my own Contax 645 has traveled umpteen times around the globe, rattling away in the overhead luggage bins on countless long-haul flights. How to Use Your Digital Camera and Edit Photos in Photoshop. Now, here is where manual focusing can come in very handy, which leads us to our next topic. RTS, RTS2, T, T2, T3, G1, G2, TVS, TVS2, TVS3, AX, Aria, 645, N1, due to the complete lack of spares worldwide. In terms of reliability and cost, though, the Contax 645 tends to possess a few more cons when compared to the Pentax, Hasselblad, or Mamiya options. But if after numerous detours, I still come back to this camera as the model I’m most comfortable working with today, it’s because overall, it does the job I need it to do very well. Its easy to jump back and forth, from one platform to another but if i had my choice .... Phocus everyday every shoot thanks! Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Day Timeline. This was one of the very last medium format film cameras ever made, and all modern features and functions are fully present and operational. It has backs for 120 and 220 and even vacuum backs for 220, and today it's among the world's most popular pro cameras for use with medium format backs. However, the first Contax 645 I purchased in "excellent condition" apparently had a broken autofocus. The standard prism finder gives a big bright image with the nice fast Zeiss glass that predominates the system. But i use the t4 most of the time. Plus, it adds the ability to hold the camera comfortably in portrait orientation and even has the extra button on the grip to make it easy to click the shot. To learn a little more about those, check out the comparison I did with the Maxwell Screen on a Pentax 67. The Contax 645 will be of interest to any photographer who desires the image quality of 120 film, but without the compromises usually associated with medium format film cameras in terms of speed, weight, size, handling, and ease of use. Hasselblad files have a very unique look and feel that i just prefer. A Contax 645 and the 80mm f/2 lens is all any portrait photographer could ever really need. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Lenses with better AF performance. As many already know, the Contax 645 is not without its cons, and with that in mind, I now present to you my official Contax 645 review. So, we’ve put together our list of our top tips that we’ve personally experienced that help make your wedding day run smoothly! While 1/125 is not super fast by modern standards, it’s quick enough to avoid most motion-blur when balancing strobes with daylight. But thinking of the tvs with a pocketsized 28mm and … The unique and somewhat idiosyncratic Contax approach to user interface is almost identical between these cameras. I know there's a lot of features that I'm not going to delve into here. Make Offer - Contax 645 210mm f4 Sonnar T* AF Lens f/ Contax Medium Format SLR Camera Mint-Contax 645AF 35mm f3.5 Carl Zeiss Distagon T* Lens 35/3.5 #500. However, after 10 terrifying minutes of trying to figure what was “broken,” this in fact turned out to be a case of user error; evidently, while playing with the camera, the individual in question had knocked a button, sending the camera into the mirror-up position or something similar. In my experience, autofocus is going to be a hit or miss when it comes to a Contax 645. So, do your due research and consider buying a Contax with a warranty and/or return policy of some sort. Want to see behind the scenes action, keep up with Jeff & Michele, and receive wedding style and planning resources? The Contax 645 was my first medium format camera and my reason to move into the world of film photography. It's easy to hold. What I can say is that the prism finder works wonderfully; the image through the finder is bright and clear and exposure and focus are easily set via an LED display within the viewfinder itself. Indeed, if something were to go wrong with my own Contax now, I’d be in real trouble; I have a lot of money invested in the glass but would struggle to replace the body at current prices. In short, I’ve been using the Contax 645 AF consistently for the best part of the last 20 years, and so I’m likely as qualified as anyone to comment on its features and handling. It's easy to hold. Hence it’s undoubtedly one of the camera’s main selling points. Contax 645 – Sold Meanwhile, although I’ve used the larger format Bronica GS-1, I have no experience with Bronica’s 645 offerings. In part, this is down to the Mamiya’s slower flash sync speed — making it ill-suited to my way of working — but it’s also just due to general performance and handling, which I personally find less agreeable. | Updated 1/22/2020, E-mail: Phone:  502.551.5799, Privacy Policy | Website Terms & Conditions, Best Rechargeable AA Batteries for Wedding Photographers, What's in Our Bag: The Gear We Use to Photograph Weddings and More, Tools for Six-Figure Wedding Photographers in 2020. If you buy it for that reason, you'll be satisfied...unless you get a lemon! The Contax 645 is the world's most advanced medium-format camera system. The body is heavier and felt more durable than my Mamiya systems and the images were sharper as a result of the Zeiss lenses. This also helps cut down on shake. Unlike with some other 120 cameras, there is a handy slot for storing the dark slide when the camera is in use considerably reducing the chances of losing it. The camera system was discontinued in 2005. user-friendly, like most 645 format- but unlike many larger medium format cameras. John Bramaan is a writer specializing in the topics of photography. But by the time I started to think about purchasing a 645 camera of my own, a Hasselblad was totally out of my price range. But then again, with 120 films costing what it does these days, that’s probably just as well; even creaking along at 1.6 fps, the drive on this thing is way faster than I could ever afford to shoot film. It’s a camera that will largely appeal to analog photographers looking to benefit from the greater resolution of 120 film, while still retaining many of the advantages of a 35mm SLR in terms of speed and mobility. And use it rarely or pay hundreds of dollars to repair or replace it. $918.54. The Contax 645 requires no introduction. You can even add a nice (but expensive) accessory battery holder/vertical grip (the MP-1). No mention of the Pentax 645 line? Beyond image quality, that’s all I really ask of any camera. ... Had a Mamiya 645AF and a Contax 645. Other than this, though, after many years of punishing use, the camera has (touch wood) yet to let me down. Fstoppers Original The Contax 645 AF is a relatively small and lightweight medium format film camera dating from the late 1990s. These old film cameras will break down eventually and are difficult to repair.

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