how to grab a scared parakeet

So I've had this parakeet for about 6 weeks, and at about the fourth week he had complete trust in me and was completely tame. If your bird is like my conure Ollie, he or she chooses to eat in some interesting, yet not mess-abatement-friendly locations. When the bird sees its cage, it … But recently, we had to move him from my bedroom to a new location in the house. IT IS IMPORTANT! Or a grizzly bear? Advertisement. Ensure that the bird gets at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep. Keep human and pet traffic to an absolute minimum. The bird will hear your voice and fly towards it. While parakeets are clever, affectionate birds, their instincts tell them to be wary of humans. Even if your bird has not yet mastered the "step-up" command, it is never okay to grab him by the wings, legs, or tail. THANK YOU!!!! Avoid using gloves to handle your parakeet. Ok i have had two parakeets for a couple of day and they are still scared! Train a Parakeet … Getting your bird to accept you petting it is more about being in tune with your bird and learning to work with its personality than it is about training. Related wikiHows. Please help me! A bird's comfort level with people can vary greatly, and some just like their personal space. Do this consistently for about 15-20 minutes a few times a day until the budgie no longer appears to be scared by the presence of your hand inside the cage. It sounds like the bird is making huge steps. Remove distractions from the cage, such as toys, mirrors or bells. Today something kind of interesting happened today also. One of them flew out and I cant get her back in because she is still scared of me and wont get on my finger and i dont know what to do! Birds are naturally scared of hands and gloves only imitate the shape and make them appear bigger. She is so scared! Keep this in mind and be patient with your bird. Not only could doing so frighten your bird and damage his delicate plumage, but it could also cause complications such as broken bones or other trauma. Ollie will oftentimes grab a beak full of food from his bowl and then climb over to perch on the top of his open cage door and eat it there, which leaves little defense in terms of protecting the food directly below. Your bird may be high up in the treetops a half mile away, frightened and with no idea of how to get "home". This is kind of a long story. _____ Birds naturally fly high when they are scared, and can easily get disoriented in a strange place. By slowly building trust with your bird, you ensure a long, close, hands-on relationship. Even if the bird flutters around in the cage, don’t move your hand. This will actually teach your bird not to trust you more. Think about it like this: how long would a shark have to be nice to you before you were not afraid of it? Your size is intimidating to a parakeet, so you can't just pick one up like a puppy. I dont know what to do how do I get her back in. Helpful 7 Not Helpful 1. How to. If you have a bird that does not like to be touched, you will need to learn how to approach it in order to make it comfortable with contact. 2 months is a very short time. Thanks! Be patient and keep your hand as still as you can. Very small parrots like budgies often come to treat your hands as if they were different animals than you (your face and bulk of your body). PLEASE READ FULL STORY! It will be MUCH LESS your face the birds will cue on than your hands. This may include making the bird's resting area off-bounds to all household members. Avoid situating the bird anywhere with drafts, noise or bright light.

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