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The Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing is an international forum for the advancement of psychiatric and mental health nursing practice. phd Essays and Debates in Mental HealthThe purpose of these articles is to explore a contemporary topic relevant to mental health nursing practice/service user care, and to provide a rigorously developed theoretical perspective on a topic relevant to the Journal aims. If the Colour Work Agreement is not returned by the specified date, figures will be converted to black and white for print publication. Note this journal uses iThenticate’s CrossCheck software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. Original ResearchWord limit: 5,000 words maximum, excluding abstract and references.Abstract: 200 words maximum; must be structured under the sub-headings: Introduction; Aim/Question; Method; Results; Discussion; Implications for Practice.Accessible Summary: 250 words maximum; the purpose is to make research findings more accessible to non-academics, including users of mental health services, carers and voluntary organisations. Figure LegendsLegends should be concise but comprehensive – the figure and its legend must be understandable without reference to the text. Financial and material support should also be mentioned. Cover LettersCover letters are not mandatory; however, they may be supplied at the author’s discretion. Please check your email for instructions on resetting your password. We publish Editorials of up to 1,500 words on issues that are topical and of direct relevance to mental health nursing. Click here for the basic figure requirements for figures submitted with manuscripts for initial peer review, as well as the more detailed post-acceptance figure requirements.Figures submitted in colour may be reproduced in colour online free of charge. Data Sharing and Data AvailabilityThis journal expects data sharing. Internet DocumentNorton, R. (2006, November 4). The field is considered in its broadest perspective, including theory, practice and research applications related to all ages, special populations, settings, and interdisciplinary collaborations in both the public and private sectors. Additional Authorship OptionsJoint first or senior authorship: In the case of joint first authorship, a footnote should be added to the author listing, e.g. Psychoeducational assessment of students who are visually impaired or blind: Infancy through high school (2nd ed.). AUTHOR LICENSING 7. This means in text citations should follow the author-date method whereby the author's last name and the year of publication for the source should appear in the text, for example, (Jones, 1998). The complete reference list should appear alphabetically by name at the end of the paper. List of issues Volume 11 2018 Volume 10 2017 Volume 9 2016 Volume 8 2015 Volume 7 2014 Volume 6 2013 Volume 5 2012 Volume 4 2011 Volume 3 2010 Volume 2 2009 Volume 1 2008 Information for. The collaboration of clinical nurses and academic nurse researchers is required to determine best practice. A mental health nurse is an expert in assessing, diagnosing and treating various psychiatric disorders. Word limit: 5000 words maximum but can be a short as you like. It’s a 60-credit hour program and takes 18-24 months to complete. Working off-campus? All abbreviations must be defined in footnotes. 210 out of 494 on the Psychiatry and Mental Health list. Read our Top 10 Publishing Ethics Tips for Authors here. 25(2016) No. rn We require that corresponding authors submit a statement that-in 100 maximum, sets out the relevance of the work to mental health nursing practice. It is not intended to take the place of community standards such as in-line citation of GenBank accession codes. After the final version article is published (the article of record), the DOI remains valid and can still be used to cite and access the article.Accepted Articles will be indexed by PubMed; submitting authors should therefore carefully check the names and affiliations of all authors provided in the cover page of the manuscript so it is accurate for indexing. The journal publishes peer reviewed papers which reflect developments in knowledge, attitudes and skills and integration of these into practice. Once you have prepared your submission in accordance with the Guidelines, manuscripts should be submitted online at The letter should include clear grounds for the appeal, including specific points of disagreement with the decision. The Accessible Summary should be written in straightforward language, structured under the following sub-headings, with 1-2 bullet points under each: What is known on the subject; What the paper adds to existing knowledge; What are the implications for practice.Structure: See below specific details for the type of review article.

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