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In 2016, the most popular Bachelor's Degree concentrations at University of Pennsylvania were General Finance (372 degrees awarded), Registered Nursing (195 degrees), and … compiled a list of the hardest schools to get into in the nation, looking at factors such as tuition, test scores and acceptance rates. Here are several things you can do to help yourself on the day of your audition…. Aside from a one-page CV, a statement of purpose is required that describes your professional goals and an explanation of how your previous education, academic background, and/or professional experience provide a foundation for pursuing graduate training. Submission deadline is February 15. Visuals may be graphic design or images from related disciplines, such as photography, illustration, drawing, painting, reproductions of 3-D media, time-based work, animations, etc. SAT or ACT scores are not required if you have completed more than one semester of full-time college coursework after your high school graduation. Architecture: Landscape Architecture: Area, Ethnic, Cultural, And Gender Studies: Associate: Bachelors: Manage your energy. Penn State Behrend Admissions Overview: With an 88% acceptance rate, Penn State Behrend is an accessible school. Students that get into Penn State have an average SAT score between 1160-1360 or an average ACT score of 25-30. | M.S. Introduce yourself, briefly describe where you’ve been going to college, what your major is, and why you are considering a change. Requirements for entrance to the B.Arch. Email:, For advising questions, contact Angela Rothrock, Undergraduate Coordinator. If you have any questions, or if you are unable to submit a portfolio electronically and need to make arrangements to submit a physical portfolio, please email: Admission Entrance Difficulty Very difficult Overall Admission Rate 49% of 71,903 applicants were admitted Early Action Offered Yes Early Decision Offered No Regular Admission Deadline November 30 Qualifications of Enrolled Freshmen Average GPA Not reported SAT Math 580-700 range of middle 50% SAT EBRW 580-670 range of middle 50% ACT Composite A&A Admissions Coordinator Dance media can be self-choreographed, but must be a solo video of you. Cover letter (1 page) The minors available in A&A don’t just fit perfectly with A&A majors, they dovetail beautifully with degree programs from across the University. Essay (500 word max) Write a brief essay (500 word maximum) that explains one of your samples of submitted work. in L.A. | Geodesign. If admitted to SoVA, entrance to major (ETM) requirements must be completed before declaring a major. A&A minors are really rather major . Step 1. Submit to Penn State University (institution code 2660). If you are enrolled in another university, you must submit an application to Undergraduate Admissions. Irene Kohute,, Graduate application questions should be directed to: Accepted; Rejected; Considering Priority deadline is November 30 Satisfies any additional academic requirements that have been proposed by the college or the major and approved by the dean of the college and the University Faculty Senate Committee on Undergraduate Education. Be as healthy as possible. It can include examples of architectural design, drawing, construction, fine arts, and crafts. Penn State’s Schreyer Honors College is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top honors programs. Students interested in applying for acceptance in the spring semester are advised to discuss the matter with the Graduate Programs Assistant prior to submitting the application. An explanation of how your previous education, academic background, and/or professional experience provide a foundation for pursuing graduate training in this research field. | Ph.D. in Arch. Step 3. Each audition will consist of: Your first decision is whether you actually want to pursue a BFA degree. | First-Year | Change-of-Major | Transfer December 5, 2020 Slideroom accepts videos that are up to 60MB in size in the above-listed format. These pieces do not need to be created specifically for submission, however it is important to show work that represents your current skills and experiences. Apply for admission online through the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or Penn State’s, Submit a recording of your audition/portfolio materials via. Both must be favorable to gain admission into the program. For consideration for admission for the fall semester, complete application materials should be received no later than January 15 of the preceding academic year. Located in State College, Pennsylvania, Penn State is the flagship campus of the 24 campuses that make up the state university system in Pennsylvania. Kelly Praskovich,, All undergraduate and graduate audition scheduling questions should be directed to: The best way to learn more about these minors, and to see how to fit a minor into your degree plans, is to talk to one of the A&A Advising Team. Detailed PSU acceptance rate for the past 5 years: 2015 Acceptance rate (53%), 2016 (56%), 2017 (no date) 2018 (no data) 2019 (49.1%) 2020 (No data) 2021 Acceptance Rate: 50% (Estimated) The Pennsylvania State University admission is selective. Explore Engineering related majors. Assistantships: In addition, the Penn State’s undergraduate architecture programs rank No. The Undergraduate Admissions Office handles the first portion of application to the Bachelor of Architecture program, followed by the Department of Architecture portfolio review. If you are already enrolled as a Penn State student, and you are applying for Change of Major/Change of Campus, please select: Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.) Graduate Programs | M.Arch. These costs are set by the Board of Trustees each year in July. Three letters of recommendation from individuals familiar with the applicant’s academic history; employer recommendations are also welcome. The graphic design major is a four-year program beginning the fall semester of acceptance. Original Poster Design With a collection of 9,600 objects representing a variety of cultures and spanning centuries of art, the Palmer is the largest art museum between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Please create an account and follow instructions. Note: Many Bachelor of Architecture students also qualify for the Schreyer Honors College. For the latest COVID-19 news and information, visit Penn State's Coronavirus Information website.Continue to follow CDC-recommended health/safety precautions, contact your healthcare provider if you have questions or feel ill, and review information from state … Important Application Dates program also satisfy honors requirements, such as a thesis book and semester abroad. Portfolio submission deadline is February 15, (Transfer applicants, also known as advanced standing applicants, have graduated from high school and attempted 18 or more semester credit hours of college coursework after high school graduation.). Arts and Architecture students frequently are leaders in their communities and in academics. Online applications are accepted from August 1 to February 15. must submit the following via digital upload via the GetAcceptd website. Fantastic! A demonstration that you have considered carefully our Ph.D. program and are aware of how your interests match faculty expertise and interests; please be sure to identify faculty with whom you are interested in working. Jean Sanders, Associate Professor of Art Along with an application, prospective students will need to send in high school transcripts and scores from the … Incoming Freshmen/First-Year Students Apply; Donate; News; Careers; Contact; California State University Office of the Chancellor. Penn accepts the Common Application and Coalition Application. Essay (3-5 pages) Ph: 814-863-5349 There is a four-step application process: Currently enrolled Penn State students wishing to change their major need not reapply to the university. PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Submit a design portfolio, poster, and statement of intent as detailed below. Admissions Rate: 49.1%. Important Dates The school has a 56% acceptance rate ranking it #22 in Pennsylvania for lowest rate of acceptance.Last year, 29,793 out of 52,742 applicants were admitted making Penn State a more competitive school to get into with a good chance of acceptance for qualifying applicants. Your application must be complete to receive a prescreen decision. All students are required to interview to be considered for our program. Standards as well as eligibility criterion are really strict, which keeps the acceptance rate at a lower level. The Audition Material $4,423 lower in-state tuition 6% lower acceptance rate Compare. Therefore, the acceptance rate alone is not a good indicator that Penn State University is a better school or will be more difficult for you specifically to get into. Penn State University Park is a public research university with an acceptance rate of 49%. Selected examples of architectural and mechanical drafting certainly may be included in the portfolio; however, mechanical drafting alone does not constitute adequate material for evaluation. The admissions decision rests with the Undergraduate Admissions Office with recommendations from the Department of Architecture. Students offered admission to Architecture will begin the five-year B.Arch degree fall 2019. D2 graduated with her BArch in 2015. First-year applicants must submit an online application found at This means that Penn—that's the more prestigious Ivy League school—is way harder to get into than is Penn State. Step 3. Based on our analysis, to have a good chance of being admitted, you need to be at the very top of your class and have an SAT score of close to 1480, or an ACT score of around 33. Transfer applicants must submit an on-line application to the Admissions Office found at Based on our analysis, to have a good chance of being admitted, you need to have a GPA of 3.9 or above, and have an SAT score of close to 1570, or an ACT score of 34 or above. Questions about the application/audition process can be directed to: Additional B.F.A. A statement of interest: In two or three thoughtful paragraphs, tell us what interests you about pursuing a theatre studies degree; include an overview of your experience with (and/or desire to know more about)  scholarship, dramaturgy, directing, playwriting, dramatic literature, devising, design, performance, or any combination of these. Note: Applicants must have a 2.5 or greater cumulative GPA. Spring admission: The program is structured to build on the methods and theory core courses that are offered only in the fall. The Undergraduate Admissions Office exclusively handles the application process to the Bachelor of Architecture program for first-year applicants. Write a cover letter addressed to Eliza Pennypacker, Department Head. in Musical Theatre Requirements. Great idea! All rights reserved. Demonstrates at least a C (2.00) cumulative average for all courses taken at the University subject to the conditions of Section 51-50. Here are the results for the colleges in Pennsylvania. Priority consideration for freshmen admission to University Park is given to complete applications filed by November 30. Currently enrolled Penn State students applying for the music performance and jazz studies minors need only to schedule an audition (see step 2 above) and to complete an audition/interview with the faculty. These pieces do not need to be created specifically for this submission, however it is important to show work that represents your current skills and experiences. Your portfolio (not to exceed 12MB) should include 5-10 creative design samples. Examples of Visual Work College of Arts and Architecture has been sent. Scholars from around the globe choose the College of Arts and Architecture as the place to build and contribute to knowledge. The portfolio should include original work that demonstrates the candidate’s potential as an architecture student. Average SAT: 1265. Notarized copies are not sufficient. Above all else, arrive at the audition well rested and focused. Penn State University Park is a University located in University Park, PA . Personal statement – “How does the work in your portfolio best  represent you, your talents, and your desire to study architecture?” (500 character limit), Syllabi for architecture courses previously taken. Here are several suggestions…., Rebecca Henn Rolling application period: October 1 – February 15. Review of applications begins February 15. Please note: In response to COVID-19, Penn will not require applicants to submit the SAT, ACT, or SAT Subject Tests for the 2020-21 application cycle. Important Application Dates We have no preference for either format and treat both applications equally in our process. Step 2: Audition “What do you want us to know about you?” and “What makes you unique?”. View the tuition and costs for the Master of Professional Studies in Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation and learn how to finance your education at Penn State World Campus. Applying to the graduate program is a multi-step process. There should not be a separate “slate” video, rather slates are to appear at the beginning of each piece. Step 1. Questions about the application process for all undergraduate degrees in music can be directed to: Note: Many Bachelor of Landscape Architecture students also qualify for the Schreyer Honors College. Priority consideration for freshmen admission to University Park is given to complete applications filed by November 30. What is Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Abington acceptance rate? in L.A. at Penn State and describing their professional interests, goals, and proposed area of concentration related to one of our research centers/initiatives – the Stuckeman Center for Design Computing, The Hamer Center for Community Design, or WATERxDESIGN. Co-heads of Directing for Musical Theatre (June 2021 and beyond) Steve Broadnax III and Rick Lombardo, contact: Head of Music Directing for Musical Theatre: Dan Riddle, contact: Create an account and login to SlideRoom. Credit: Jess Tan program include a portfolio described below. On the flipside, University of Pittsburgh is easier to get into based on acceptance rate alone. O. Ohio State … Step 2. Step 2. All auditions for 2020-2021 will be virtual. in Theatre Requirements First-year applicants must submit an online application found at 3. For full consideration for all Penn State scholarships, undergraduate applicants should submit their application prior to November 30 and audition on or before January 30, 2021. University Park, PA 16802. Important Application Dates Undergraduate Admissions Application It can include examples of architectural design, drawing, construction, fine arts and crafts. Penn State Undergraduate Admissions Section Links: | M.S. Below are the most recent tuition rates and cost estimates for an academic year (fall and spring semesters). 124 Borland Building University Park, PA 16802 +1 814-865-9523 4. Once an applicant has accepted an offer of admission, he/she will be notified by the Graduate School that official/original transcripts/documents and their official English translation must be sent from the originating institutions for review by the Graduate School, in order to finalize an admission decision. You will present in the order that you reserved an audition spot. If you are receiving financial aid, you can view and/or download your financial aid letter by clicking on "View Checklist" after admissions decisions are available and downloading the Decision Addendum. Please request ETS to electronically submit to: Penn State University (institution code 2660). Admission to the B.F.A. Once the portfolio is completed, upload the digital files to Slideroom. Please limit time-based submissions to a duration of 90 seconds. Ph: (814) 865-6570 Fax: 814-863-7590. in Acting is a two-step process: Step 1: Prescreening Submission in Arch. Here are a few examples of recent rankings, primarily relating to our Over fifty percent of Penn’s Class of 2022 was accepted Early Decision, and Penn’s Early Decision Acceptance rate this cycle was 18.5 percent. Visiting Ph.D./Visiting Scholar application forthcoming. Questions about the application process for the Acting B.F.A. What is Pennsylvania State University-Penn State York acceptance rate? must submit the following via digital upload via the GetAcceptd website. Write a succinct and compelling essay telling us: Step 4. Studio Graduate Program Officer Please limit time-based submissions to a duration of 90 seconds. We do not have data on transfer acceptance rates currently. One song should be written after 1970 and contrast the style of the first. The final deadline to apply and submit prescreens is December 31 of the calendar year preceding the intended start year. 1, and its graduate programs ranked at No. Integrative Arts students approved to take the 100-200 level Graphic Design sequence of courses do not have to complete the spring portfolio gateway for Graphic Design pre-major students. Penn State's undergraduate landscape architecture programs have been ranked No. Due to the specialized nature of many programs within Arts and Architecture, there are program-specific requirements that are detailed in the sections below. Penn admitted 3,345 out of 44,960 applicants for the Class of 2023 — the lowest acceptance rate to date at 7.44 percent. High school and college transcripts are required to complete a transfer application.

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