repacking stuffing box in water

The stuffing box prevents (most) water from entering the hull while still allowing the propeller shaft to turn. $9.99 $ 9. Also referred to as “seal cage” or “water seal rings”, lantern rings are used when outside lubrication is necessary. Taking … Our example features a gland from a boat with a P-bracket and a simple, castellated locknut and cap. You must also take into consideration whether you ever … As a guest, you are welcome to poke around and view the majority of the content that we have to offer, but in order to post, search, contact members, and get full use out of the website you will need to Register for an Account.It's free and it's easy, so don't hesitate to join the … wowzer52 Active User Posts: 959 Joined: Sun Feb 03, 2008 6:21 pm … For one or two stuffing boxes, this does not pay to do. WOA! Lantern Ring. A stuffing box—also called a stuffing gland, packing gland or packing box… Instead, get to the bottom of it! 4 Shallow Stufffing Box Deep Stufffing Box 9/16" 3/4" Figure 4: Depth Comparison 14. 1,000 Posts . PS there is a lot of water coming into the boat as of last season and we can tell its coming from the aft area so i figured theres about a 9/10 chance its the stuffing box for the rudder. Illustration of traditional stuffing box. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 26, 2007. Sailing Totem: Bringing Holiday Spirit Cruising. The process pressure forces the edges of the chevrons outwards against the shaft and stuffing box wall to produce a good seal. Can anyone suggest what size of packing extractor … The typical RC drive shaft uses a universal joint driven off the engine to propel a shaft through a stuffing box. The shaft exits the hull and connects to a propeller. I have one inch shafts I think 1/4 is what to use but need some advice. Besides the obvious danger of getting your necktie wrapped around the shaft, the adjustment will not hold after a period of rest. Repacking equipment during a system outage is often performed under time constraints. 4.8 out of 5 stars 916. For example, if the stuffing box you are packing has a pressure of 30 lbs., you need at least 50 lbs. How a Stuffing Box Works . After messing with my stuffing boxes I am gonna shoot for repacking them. 1978 Trojan F25. Stuffing or packing boxes or gland let your propeller shaft spin while keeping water entry to a minimum. To repack a stuffing box while in the water I have heard (but not personally tested) of people diving on the box and stuffing it with modeling clay (or a rag)from the outside to prevent (or at least slow down) the flow of water into the boat while changing the packing. This can be done easily using alternating layers of … Rope type packing: Rope type … Thread starter Mike k; Start date 14 Mar 2020; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. I have seen here or somewhere a sizing chart but cannot locate it. Heavy-duty stuffing box is manufactured from the highest quality bronze as standard, or aluminum to match your specific application. The "box" is a cylindrical assembly, typically of bronze, comprising a sleeve threaded on one end to accept adjusting and locking nuts. Chevron packing is very common in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Of course, the boat isn't back in the water yet so I guess I'll know Sunday if I royally screwed it up or not. Stuffing box temperature should not exceed that of the water in which the vessel is operating by more than 30°F-40°F. As you can see, it looks like its seen better days. The stuffing box is designed to keep water out of the boat at the spot where the propeller shaft enters the hull — and at rudder shafts. By Steve D Antonio. People. Next, I had to repack it, which turned out to be dead easy. You then slide in packing rings one at a Link To Original Article The ingress of water around the shaft is now a steady stream. 14 Mar 2020 #1 M. Mike k Active member. Also the boat is on stands right now. The answer here is two-fold: if you were repacking a LOT of these stuffing boxes, you'd order a spool of 3/16" square braid packing. Ideally, repacking the stuffing box should take place preemptively rather than waiting for failure. My stuffing box … Larry Eddington 1984 F-36 Tri Cabin "The Phoenix II" 1978 F-28 "The Phoenix" Fish Master 2350 Bay Boat … All traditional stuffing boxes require water for lubrication and this "dripless" stuff totally plugged the area between the shaft and the male end of the of the stuffing box as seen in the picture. Removing the old packing is simple enough, There's a corkscrew tool on a flexible shaft that removes the old packing. More How To. (Stuffing box lock nut not shown.) In many small fiberglass boats, for example, the stuffing box is mounted inboard near the point the shaft exits the hull. The beveled glands force packing material against the shaft as the unit is tightened. A dedicated stuffing box wrench with straight jaws, like the one shown, is good at getting into cramped spaces. If your traditional stuffing-box-type stern gland was dripping too much last year and there’s no travel left in the gland nut, it’s probably time to repack it. Once you have broken the lock nut and the gland nut free, spin the gland nut off the stuffing box … Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler (1/2 LB) for Gift Wrapping & Basket Filling - White & Gold | MagicWater Supply. Maintain this gland around the prop shaft to keep leaks at bay. Doug Logan photo. Welcome to TheMalibuCrew! Get some flax of the right size (3/16″ if interested), cut it to length and then wind it round the … These two surfaces, where the shaft and packing meet, tend to polish each other and if over tightened can lead to pre-mature shaft wear or excessive heat. The tool that works the best is the Ridgid E-110 wrench. This can occur if the water injection hose becomes clogged, as mentioned previously, if a vessel runs aground for instance, or if the stuffing box … It must be the … Charter . Joined 28 Mar 2011 Messages 1,307 Location Rossendale. Inboard boats use stuffing boxes or shaft seals to prevent water from entering the hull. Share: Rate: Previous 2017 Cruising with the Landons. In stock on November 27, … Determine whether the stuffing box is deep or shallow by measuring the inside and comparing it to … With amazing results! Am I nuts to try to repack the rudder packing gland/ stuffing box on my General Marine 26 without going up on the hard? Resist the temptation to simply remove a few rings of packing that are near the top of the stuffing box. It is essential to have a stuffing box as steam, water or other fluids can infiltrate the engine or the … From "Hands-On Sailor" in our January 2008 issue. 05-04-2014, 05:20 AM "Fire Escape II" post=556384 wrote: I have the same boat and stuffing boxes. Stuffing Box Stem Guide Figure 3: V-3000 Valve Tops 12. New … Guest #6. This particular stuffing box is a 1 inch box from a 1985 Catalina 36 and uses three rings 3/16 flax packing. My suggestion here is to take some of the valve packing and twist it into a cord or rope a bit larger than 3/16" diameter. I really appreciate the essay on repacking the stuffing box. 3" Shaft Packing Wrench for"Rudder" Stuffing Box Packing Gland. This site has been mentioned a ton on this forum, but I followed the guidance from Maine Sail's Marine How-To site article on repacking a traditional stuffing box and that article was a huge, huge, huge help. Charter Provisioning in the Covid-19 Era. 13. Charter. … I am by my self working on this and I want to know from someone with experience if my rudder is supposed to fall right out after removing … Post Cancel. My stuffing box is really green and removed the bolts to the quadrant a little water poured out. These sealants are usually used on boats or steam engines. Latest. Sealing the drive shaft against leaks requires a few tools and products to perform the … I did both of mine while in the water. 1991 3288 with Hino 150 diesels. After much digging, I found that there was three or four rows of packing that were … Over tightening of the flax nut, and running the stuffing box with no water … If you neglect it, the … Top. We tightened as much as possible. Service Your Stuffing Box. Service options available: Air Seal, water service, grease service and lantern ring with "zerk" fitting, or a combination of the three service options; For shaft sizes as small as 2.5 inches up … Either way, multiple rings of packing are installed in the stuffing box with a lantern ring oriented in different locations. If the box is allowed to drip, it allows for excellent cooling, longer shaft life, less opportunity for crevice corrosion and less opportunity for trapping air and running the box totally dry and cooking it. Go. If the pump uses a flush injection and lantern ring be sure to remove the lantern ring and the … I have tightened down the gland as far as it will go, with only minimal reduction in flow. Remember that the stuffing box requires routine maintenance to keep working, just as the engine does. You should dive again when you are done to remove the modeling clay so the seawater can get into the stuffing box … … Repacking a stuffing box is a simple task. Once … Consult the O&M manual for proper orientation. A special purpose heavy-duty rubber hose attaches the stuffing box … I have searched the Forums and found some answers, but would ver much appreciate confirmation. You’ll need two adjustable wrenches or two pipe wrenches. Since im out of the water im assuming it has leaked down from the tiller bracket. Even with the female nut totally removed, in the water, I was getting, at best, 4 drips per minute with the nut off! I think its time to change the whole of packing's. First, I knew I needed tools to get the old stuffing … of flush water pressure minimum. The boxes form a chamber between the casing and the shaft where sealing media can be installed. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The stuffing box prevents sea water from entering the boat's hull. I think the shafts, seals etc are original. Remove and discard the stem guide/liner. Please be cautious using this stuff! This is the stuffing box. find the right one for your boat in our online store. Teflon or rubber packing rings are shaped like a V and placed in the stuffing box. It does this by compressing packing material tightly around the shaft. It came with the boat so I had no idea of how old it was and it was getting too warm for my liking. You must grab the gland nut and locking nut in opposing directions, to reduce the torque on the stuffing box hose. Good luck. 3288 Hinos repacking stuffing box, shaft seal, stern gland 02-02-2019, 09:35 AM. Next … Repacking Procedure. 99. Emma volunteered to clean it and banged away at it for a bit. The nearest haul out … In order to establish the proper flush set-up, you must know the pressures of the stuffing box and of your water line at the equipment. While all stuffing boxes require exposure to water to remain lubricated and cool, dripless seals are exceptionally sensitive to interruption of water flow, and the heat this produces. Repacking the stuffing box. Shaft bearings support the propeller shaft and help ensure it turns smoothly. Edson's Stuffing Boxes combines a rudderpost bearing with an above-the-waterline stuffing box for rudderpost sizes ranging from 1” (2.5 cm) diameter to 4-1⁄2” (11.4 cm). Next Last. Stbd has been leaking more and more. I initially thought I had two rows of packing. Don’t adjust the stuffing box while running the engine in gear! Just like full-sized boats, RC boats can take on water through the drive shaft. I am running the boat daily. With the help of the article I was fully prepared, and once I'd cracked it the leak was nowhere as bad as I expected so i … Stuffing boxes prevent leakage of liquids or gases along a shaft. All traditional stuffing boxes require water for lubrication. Comment. I've read that it can be done, and … Your inboard powered boat needs a good performing stuffing box to form a water tight seal and keep water out. Rick 2002, 3788. Remove and retain the packing nut. The one shown here is clearly starved for water and is overheating. December 4, 2008. How to repack a traditional stuffing-box type stern gland. We recommend fiberglassing the stuffing box/bearing to the top of the tubing when the rudderpost is in place. Re: Repacking Stuffing Box in water- have you tried this? I did mine last weekend in the water. Fellow sailors, Has anyone had experience with changing the flax packing with the boat still in the water. On larger sailboats and trawlers, the access to the stuffing … If the water keeps coming in at a rapid pace, you might have to repack the stuffing box or repeat the process of tightening and checking.

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