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Most common in moist, partly sunny areas the tree can also be found on exposed arid sites in rare circumstances, but will show signs of scorch from wind and heat if over exposed. Native Introduced Native and Introduced. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 2 feet from the ground, and is suitable for planting under power lines. )Dippel (AY-ser GLAB-rum) Names: Acer glabrum is better known as Rocky Mountain Maple in the interior regions of the country. The leaves are smaller and the fall color is more intense than other maples. It’s smaller than maples in other states, typically reaching about 20-ft. tall at maturity. They are toothed, with a medium green color through summer and then they turn gorgeous shades of yellow and orange in the fall. These shrubfields result from canopy removal by repeated severe fires. The rustic maple grain features exquisite honey, tan and cream hues with contrasting light, medium and dark brown knots and graining, giving each plank plenty of natural charm and beauty.

The St. James … Rocky Mountain maple has been characterized as fire dependent, and may decline with fire exclusion. Qualities such as the red veins and petioles, the reddish winged seeds are attractive in winter and the yellow/red fall color is wonderful in fall. The tree is also important for wildlife cover, especially in lowland, or stream bank areas where it provides cover for small animals, birds and even large moose.³. Consider using next to pathways or stairs where the subtle qualities of the tree can be observed. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for subspecies profiles. 1952 The Ethnobotany of the Ramah Navaho. Welcome to our online store where you can shop for all of your chocolate and confectionary products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Glabrum means smooth, without hair, referring to its smooth stems and leaves. While the plant will be browsed in summer, it is heavily consumed in fall and winter. Can be either a multi-stem shrub or single-stem tree. Rocky Mountain maple Acer glabrum Torr Introduction Rocky Mountain maple is a small, often multi-stemmed tree. Acer glabrum is a small tree growing to 10 metres (33 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 20–30 centimetres (7.9–11.8 in) diameter. Acer glabrum is a species of maple native to western North America, from southeastern Alaska, British Columbia and western Alberta, east to western Nebraska, and south through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Colorado to California, Arizona and New Mexico. The species covers a wide range of moisture levels, is moderately shade tolerant, and grows at elevations of 350 to 1,450 m. It grows in the understory of coniferous forests, in […] Rocky Mountain Maple. The fruit is a samaraor winged see… Rocky Mountain Maple – Extra Large Pot, 7″ Tall Pot $ 17.00 Acer glabrum. The variety is named after David Douglas, Relationships: There are nearly 150 species of maples worldwide. It’s an important food source for animals in the winter. The leaves are 2–10 centimetres (0.79–3.94 in) broad, three-lobed (rarely five-lobed), variable in the depth of lobing, occasionally so deeply lobed as to be divided into three leaflets; the lobes have an acute apex and a coarsely serrated margin. [7], Some Plateau Indian tribes drink an infusion of Douglas maple as a treatment for diarrhea. Acer glabrum var. Dream Home - 10mm Rocky Mountain Rustic Maple Laminate Flooring- 30 Year Warranty. douglasii (Hook. Add casual style to any room with Rocky Mountain Maple from Dream Home. [3][4], There are four to six varieties, some of them treated by some authors at the higher rank of subspecies:[2][4][5], Acer glabrum is plentiful in many parts of the Rocky Mountains, often growing with Ponderosa Pine, Douglas-fir, and Quaking Aspen. Papers of the Peabody Museum of American Archaeology and Ethnology 40(4):1-94 (p. 36),,, Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 00:12. [8] Ramah Navajo use an infusion of the glabrum variety for swellings, and also as a "life medicine", or panacea.[9][10]. It thrives at high elevations and is hardy to USDA zones 5-10. Range: Western N. America - Alaska to California, west to New Mexico. The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn. The Rocky Mountain Maple is vibrant, sensitive, and comforting. Rocky Mountain Hawken Maple; Rocky Mountain Hawken Maple; Support (1840-1865 c.) Tweet. Large monoecious or dioecious, shrubs or small trees up to 15 m. Twigs glabrous, red to purple. Plant Description: Small, multi-stemmed, deciduous tree native to the western United States. One generation plants the trees so the next generation gets the shade. [6], The foliage is browsed by game animals, cattles, and sheep. Persistent shrubfields may burn in any season; if fuels are continuous and dry, spring fires spread readily, and in summer, hot and dry conditions are exacerbated by nighttime inversions.³. [Perion] Rocky Mountain Hunter: Blackbull: Category Victoria Island: Pre-requisites At least Level 55; Available Blackbull of Perion is looking for a real Rocky Mountain Hunter. [2], Acer glabrum is a small tree growing to 10 metres (33 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 20–30 centimetres (7.9–11.8 in) diameter. Rocky_Mountain_maple_Acer_glabrum_bark_061412_BL.jpg. Grows slow to an oval shape. It is difficult to grow from cuttings. This tree is a slow-grower, thus the wood is very strong. We carefully picked this property 25 years ago for its ideal conditions and have only used organic and sustainable practices to protect the place we call home. Required fields are marked *. The leaves in fall will range from yellow to bright crimson red. Rocky Mountain maple occurs as a major component or dominant in seral shrubfields in the northern Rockies. Rock Maple, Rocky Mountain maple, Douglas maple, Greene's maple, New Mexico maple, Torrey maple: Family: Aceraceae: USDA hardiness: 3-8: Known Hazards: None known: Habitats: Edges of mountain streams, on rocks and in coniferous woods, 1500 - 2000 metres[82, 184]. Slow growing, form of Rocky Mountain maple with smaller form and foliage than Sugar Maple. These develop in pairs at an angle of less than 45° when mature. It usually has several stems arising from … Native to the mountains from Alaska to California and occurs along streambanks, canyons, sometimes dry ridges at low to middle elevations and moist sites in high mountains. Hardy to -30°F Maximum Elevation: 7,000 ft. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. USDA Forestry Service, Fire Effects Information: Vestal, Paul A. Flowers have 4–5 petals and sepals. May also be used for function for watershed protection. Each week TLC brings you one featured native plant to highlight the wonderful, beautiful native plants that are available to us here in Teton County. Due to aggressive competition, it may also interfere with conifer seedling establishment. Your email address will not be published. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 50 years or more. Most are from […] Prune only in summer, in full leaf. Acer glabrum var. A Rocky Mountain native! Rocky-mountain maple synonyms, Rocky-mountain maple pronunciation, Rocky-mountain maple translation, English dictionary definition of Rocky-mountain maple. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Douglas Maple Acer glabrum var. Bright green leaves turn orange to bright red in the fall. (3) This tree is tolerant of a wide variety of conditions. This weeks featured native plant to Teton County is the Rocky Mountain Maple (Acer glabrum). Tolerates cold, drought and alkaline soil. Acer Glabrum (Rocky Mountain Maple) $ 12.98 – $ 48.50. In quaking aspen/Rocky Mountain maple communities in Colorado, this rapid regeneration results in postfire vegetation that quickly resembles the prefire community. Seral shrubfields have also been maintained with prescribed fire. Loose, drooping clusters of about 10 fragrant, yellowish-green flowers, 5–10 mm across, at branch ends. The Plants Database includes the following 6 subspecies of Acer glabrum . Not only is it exciting to find footprints for animals we hadn’t seen before, but investigating the various types of trees is also fun. The flowers are produced in corymbs of five to ten, yellowish-green, at the same time as the new leaves in spring. Rocky Mountain led the original freeride movement and we’re ready to take it to the next level with big mountain riding. Tree and Landscape Company | Jackson Hole, Creating Healthier Landscapes, Building Dynamic Communties, Developing a Sustainable Planet - TLC Organics,, ECOLOGY. An extremely hardy deciduous shrub or small tree that can reach 20ft., but most often occurs as a multi-stemmed shrub 5’ to 6’ tall. – Rocky Mountain maple Douglas Maple is native to both sides of the Cascades, from southeastern Alaska to southwestern Alberta and south into New Mexico and California. Key Steps. Noun 1. glabrum [Rocky Mountain Maple] - larger form, Rocky Mountains, Idaho, Wyoming to western Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, to Arizona. Coarsely toothed 5-lobed leaves turn yellow, orange, or red in the fall. A lack of seed combined with increased soil temperatures and moisture stress inhibit tree regeneration and maintain the shrubfields. 010S295540 Caliber .54 Grooves 7 mm inches; Twist: 1.660: 1:65: Barrel's length: 880: 34 5/8: Overall length: 1.300: 51 3/16 kg lbs; Management Most fires top-kill Rocky Mountain maple but root crown sprouts allow it to persist or increase in postfire communities. Learn how your comment data is processed. Colorado State Forest Service Nursery Stock Species information – Denver Botanic Gardens This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rocky Mountain maple is a long-lived, shade-tolerant species that often persists in the understory of coniferous stands.¹, Some Plateau Indian tribes drank an infusion of Douglas maple as a treatment for diarrhea.², The Rocky Mountain maple is an important species for foraging animals such as moose, deer, elk and big horn sheep. The fruit is a samara or winged seed. Select the caliber to check the features Cod. 010S295540 - Caliber .54; Cod. Het gebergte ligt tussen de Great Plains aan de oostkant en heeft een serie … Flowers: Male and female flowers on separate trees and appear when leaves open. – Rocky Mountain maple Subordinate Taxa. Plant Family: Aceraceae. De Rocky Mountains, kortweg de Rockies en ook wel het Rotsgebergte genoemd, vormen een groot hooggebergte in het westen van Noord-Amerika.De Rockies beslaan een gebied met een lengte van meer dan 3000 km vanaf New Mexico door de Verenigde Staten naar het uiterste noorden van Brits-Columbia in Canada. Rocky Mountain maple produces numerous root crown sprouts following disturbances from fire or logging, but it does not appear to spread from root suckers or rhizomes. An excellent small-sized Maple that fits in just about any yard. It grows on wetlands, stream banks and slopes. Acer glabrum (ay’-sir gale’-brum) Family: Sapindaceae, Soapberry. Rocky mountain maple . Grouse will eat the buds and small animals will consume the seeds. Pictures and videos gallery. The flowers are produced in corymbs of five to ten, yellowish-green, at the same time as the new leaves in spring. We choose to highlight natives specifically for the adaptations to this climate, their food value to regional wildlife, decreases the damage done by exotic invasive species and we believe they promote the true natural beauty of this land.

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